San Antonio Meeting and Conference Rooms

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Affordable Meeting Space in North Central San Antonio

Our Meeting Center allows you to affordably host classes or meetings in a more personal environment than hotels or large conference centers.

Located in the Center For Life, an updated brick office building just north of the airport, we have two affordable meeting rooms. Rooms may be used for one-time seminars or meetings, or for on-going weekly or monthly classes.

Beverly Meyer, the owner of Center For Life, also manages her health clinic, the Diet & Health Center, in this building. We keep everything as “Green” as possible with carpets, glues and paints with a minimum of chemicals.


The rooms are bright and sunny with many large windows. Shady trees surround our quiet location set back off Jones Maltsberger Road, just north of Bitters Rd.


There are 3 upgraded restrooms, and a reverse-osmosis water filter, small sink, refrigerator and countertop in the back hallway.

A variety of outstanding natural health practitioners have offices in the Center For Life, next to the meeting rooms.  The atmosphere is quiet, happy and health oriented.

About Our Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room #1


Our largest room is 815 square feet and seats 20 to 40 people classroom style, without tables. With the 18" wide seminar tables, seating capacity is approximately 36.

The room has a variety of lighting options and 4 ceiling fans.  A television and DVD player are available free of charge. We do not provide projectors or WIFI but there is an Ethernet jack. Or bring your iPod and an AV cable to hook up to the TV. You can project onto the side wall if bringing a slide projector.


This room rents for $150 per day or a minimum 2 hour rental at $32.50 per hour.   Saturday or Sunday rentals are for a full day.  There is no charge for use of tables or chairs but we do ask you to set up your room yourself and return it the way you found it when you leave.


Weekly or monthly classes will qualify for a discounted rate. 


Please see below, and our Photos Pages for views of this room.

Meeting Room #2

This room is 450 square feet and will seat 20 people with or without the 2-person tables. This room is $95/day or $25/hr. with a minimum 2 hour rental.  Saturday or Sunday rentals are for a full day.

A television and DVD player are available at no cost, and projections may be made directly upon the wall. There is an Ethernet jack in the room. Bring your iPod and an AV cable to hook up to the TV. Tables and chairs are already in the room and we ask you to set your room up yourself and return it the way you found it when you leave.

Weekly classes will qualify for a discounted hourly rate.

Please see our Photos Pages for views of this room. Rooms are available 24/7.

More about the owner of Center for Life - Beverly Meyer, MBA, Nutritionist

This newly remodeled building at 12915 Jones Maltsberger allowed Natural Health practitioner Beverly Meyer to expand her practice at the Diet & Health Center, and to open a Meeting Center to serve the needs of the community. The Center For Life contains numerous office suites for natural health practitioners.

If you'd like more information about Beverly Meyer and the Diet & Health Center, click on this link to our website.

Contact Us about Meeting Space

You may contact us at the Center For Life for availability, and with questions.  Our number is (210) 826-0034.  Or email us by clicking here.